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China Business Association Ho Chi Minh Branch System
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Chapter 1: General Principles


1. The association was officially registered as “CHINA BUSINESS ASSOCIATION HO CHI MINH BRANCH ( CBAH).

2. The association was established to operate as non-profit and non-governmental local organizations.

3. The association was registered at Room 213, Harbour View Tower Office Building, 35 Nguyen Hue St, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


Chapter 2: Purpose


4.The main purpose of Association : To promote economic and trade investment cooperation between Vietnam and China.

Enhance the understanding and communication between the merchants and the industrial enterprises of two countries.

Expand the business cooperation opportunities with a slogan “Equal benefits and effective, pay attention to quality, diverse forms, common development”. Maintain continuity in the development of bilateral trade cooperation


Chapter 3: Mission


5. To investigate and understand the economic development of Vietnam, research market development status and demands, collect and compile the vietnamese information relevant Vietnam economic, finace, custom, tax, laws which are published by Vietnam government and media.

6. Offer legal advisory services, assist members to solve the investment trade disputes, protect the chinese funded enterprisers by the lawful rights and interests

7. To participate in the economic exchange activities organized by the relevant government agencies and the industrial and commercial associations of the Vietnamese government.

8. Hold events and activities for developing friendship between Vietnam and China, promote exchanges and cooperation among members.

9. Assist domestic enterprises to carry out economic and trade activities, promote economic or business consultation, assistance and services to the local enterprises and groups in Vietnam.


Chapter 4: Member


10. Members of China Business Association are entitled to participate in the general assembly, the right to choose and to be chosen.

11. Members enjoy the rights of the services are provided by Association.

12. According to the purpose of Association, members may suggest specific recommendations to the chamber of Commerce to promote the progress and development of the chamber of Commerce.

 13.Members perform the purpose, resolutions and obligations of Association.

14.Acording to the principles, members have to pay expenses .

15. The chamber of Commerce members should protect fame and interests, promote unity and cooperation among members with mutual benefit spirit.

16. All members may comply with the following terms and conditions:

- Members develop business activities must comply with the relevant laws and regulations of Vietnam.

-If members want to retreat the association, members must apply to the chamber of Commerce Secretariat in writing. The retreat of application will take effect from the date when chamber of Commerce Secretariat receive.

- If members break chamber of Commerce ‘s rules, Councils will consider and give that membership a warning letter. If member break rules again, councils will notify that member to retreat.

- Members can not engage in any activity in the name of the chamber of commerce without the permission of the Council of the chamber of Commerce.

- Membership is terminated by the following circumstances: members resigned from membership, members of the company have quited or terminated of business in Vietnam,members of the chamber of Commerce default

the annual fee more than three months.

- In case, if the member lose their membership,they will not enjoy any rights of the association. Can not require the association to refund the annual fee.


Chapter 5: Organization

Chapter 6 :Conference


26. Chamber of Commerce will hold members annual meeting in the first of Jan.

27.In any necessary case,President;vice president and General Secretary of the Association will assist the association to hold the consultations and meeting.

28.At least, the association will organize conferences, investigation trips, events and activities for developing memberships twice a year, the form and location of the event will be made by the president, vice president, the secretary general of association.


Chapter 7 : Expenditure source


29. According to the Chamber of Commerce regulations, member required to pay annual dues : Corporate Member: 500USD/year

Individual Member: 150USD/year

30.The council of Association have a duty to pay association’s fund(included membership fees) which use to supply the chamber of Commerce events’fund.

Council required to pay annual dues : 2100USD/year

                + Vice president : 4100USD/year

                + President:     5500USD/year

If council do not to pay the fund on time, It will be considered the council automatically give up governing qualifications. In any case, council; vice president , president cannot be refuned the fund and chamber of commerce’s year fee

31.The membership fee have to be paid on Jan 4th until Jan 15th . If more than 3 months overdue, that member will be canceled his rights.

32.When the Association short of funds , after the board of supervisors agreed, the president and vice president of china business association can be solve the problem and donated sponsorship to Chamber of commerce.

33. The chamber of commerce can accept members, out of association business and unconditional donation or grant.


Chapter 8 : Supplementary provisions


The Articles of China Business Association Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam was discussed and agreed by all the members.

11th Jan ,2014

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